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Products & Services

This section of your site is where your audience will come to learn the details of your products and services. It can be as large and complex as needed to showcase what you sell or do. Remember, our suggestions are only that - you know your business and your market best, and we encourage you to use your imagination in adapting these pages to make your online message most effective.

It's up to you how to present your company's product line. Your business may lend itself to a hierarchy of products, separated into categories. Put yourself in the reader's place, and make it easy for your audience to find the information they are looking for.

Use images that show the benefits of using your products or services. Words won't help the reader identify with your satisfied customers nearly as well as the right photo.

Use Subheads for Main Product Categories
Describe each catogory briefly. You can add links to pages that describe each product in great detail, including specifications and prices if you wish:
Product 1
Product 2
To help visitors see this page more quickly, you may want to put large photos of your products on each item's own page, and show only small, clickable thumbnail images here. To do that, first add the subpage and note its URL in your browser's Location field at the top of the window, then come back here to add the thumbnail image; enter the full URL of the subpage in the third field of the Add Image screen
Another Product Category
If you have more than 5 or 6 categories, it may help your reader if you lump them into a few larger super-categories. Too many choices on one page can be confusing, and the reader may miss what he's searching for.
Product 3
Product 4
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Caption text can highlight the main benefit of using your company's products and services.
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Sidebar text a good way to reiterate your basic message.
It's also good for keeping your special offers or business hours in front of your audience.